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  • Please enter a value between 10 and 300.
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    Include time required for service provider access, un-loading, and decorating.
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    Include time required for cleanup, out-loading and take down.
    If you have not already, click here to download our rental package to assist your event planning.
  • Disclaimer
    All bookings are tentative and limited. Date is only secured upon signing of rental contract and payment of nonrefundable deposit, after communication with the Rental Coordinator.

What is needed to reserve my date?

A signed, dated and countersigned Kelowna Museums Society contract as well as a deposit equal to 50% of the total rental fee.

What else is needed?
  • 3rd party Liability Insurance
  • Special Occasion License, if any alcohol will be served
  • Floor plan so your chairs and tables can be set up prior to your arrival to your event
  • Final payment is due two weeks, or more, prior to your event.
When can I get into the rental space to start setting up?

Entry for you and for your service providers will be the start time written into your contract.

What can we do about decorations?

Tables and chairs can be decorated; as well, free-standing decorations can be used. Draperies, wall-hangings, lights and additional furniture can be added to your décor. No duct tape, scotch tape, pins, nails, or other materials are to be affixed to the space, and lights should remain in position, in order to protect the status of the Laurel Packinghouse as a Municipal Heritage Landmark.

Can we have candles?

Yes, as long as they are enclosed in glass and not on the window sills, in the bathrooms, or near flammable fabric.

Can we have music?

Yes, live music and the use of a DJ is fine. We do not have a sound system suitable for dance music so you will need to arrange your own speakers and amps. Please be respectful of our neighbours; music is to be turned off by 12:30 am.

What kind of AV system do you have?
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Am I responsible for my guests and service providers?


Is alcohol permitted?

Yes, you are welcome to bring in alcohol and arrange for service according to BCLCB laws. You will need to file a Special Occasions License and ensure that your bartenders have a Serving it Right registration number.

Can we bring in our own caterer/bartender?

Yes. KMS is happy to provide suggestions of service providers and you are welcome to use others as long as they do an orientation of the Laurel Packinghouse at least ten days prior to your event.

Is there an air-conditioning system?

Yes! It helps that the loading bay and other doors remain closed unless they’re being actively used.

Can we leave items such as decorations/dishes for pick-up the next day?

Everything you bring into the building for your event should be removed by the time the rental period is over. All gear, including all rental equipment, must be removed from the Laurel prior to 2:00 am. If specific arrangements have been made prior to the event and confirmed with the Rental Coordinator, then goods may be left on the stage overnight for early morning pick-up without penalty.

Will the BC Orchard Industry still be open to the public?

Yes. The BCOIM is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00am to 5:00pm. KMS staff will ensure that your event is not interrupted by public access to the museum.

When do we have to be out of the building?

12:00 am is last call. 12:30 am music must be off and take-down begun. By 1:00 am, the guests are to be gone, and the loading out of gear underway. By 2:00 am, the doors are locked.

Is there parking?

Yes, there is metered street parking as well as pay lots on Ellis Street and Cawston Avenue. Parking at the end of the Laurel Packing house is strictly controlled by the City of Kelowna.

Parking in designated Rotary Centre for the Arts spot is not permitted.

Do we have to take down chairs and tables?